COVID-19 and Jane Fox Hypnotherapy

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Blog

COVID-19 and Jane Fox Hypnotherapy

We find ourselves in strange times don’t we?
We are all having to adapt and adjust until things go back to some sort of normal.
My good news is that Jane Fox Hypnotherapy has adapted and is still operating.
Due to social distancing, I can no longer see anyone face to face, but I am able to see clients online via Zoom. This method of delivering therapy is effective and is supported by my regulatory bodies and covered by my insurance.
Don’t let the technology put you off, it really is easy to use, honestly – if I can use it, anyone can!

How Jane Fox Hypnotherapy can help

It is important to remember that anxiety is a perfectly normal response to the uncertainty and fear we are experiencing at the moment. But, if you are having feelings of panic and overwhelm that are adversely affecting your life, it may be that you could use a little help.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you identify the positives in life, take back control and cope better.

If you do not wish to commit to sessions at the moment, there is a relaxation track in this website under the ‘Listen’ tab which can help you to sleep.

I am also holding a relaxation session every Tuesday at 7:00pm on Facebook live and you are most welcome to attend. Just follow the link from your Facebook account and enjoy 30 – 40 mins of positive thoughts and relaxation, completely free.

How to get in touch

If you would like some support over the coming weeks, or longer if required, here’s how to get in touch:
Phone: 07870 882234 (If I don’t answer straight away, you can leave a message and I’ll get back to you)
Email: see the contact sheet in my website to direct email messages to me
Facebook: janefoxhypnotherapy

I would like to wish you and all your families good mental and physical health in the coming weeks and months.
Take care, stay positive, this too shall pass.
Jane Fox