Frequently Asked Questions
Please find below our Frequently Asked Questions, if your question is not answered here then please feel free to contact us.
What is Hypnosis?
Firstly, for us, hypnosis is not a swinging watch on a chain or making people think they are chickens. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is not what you might see on the stage or TV – that is entertainment and it is not how we approach therapy. Hypnosis is a broad term which refers to a focused state of mind in which the subject is relaxed, but not asleep. We call this guided relaxation ‘trance’. You will be familiar with this as we all go into trance several times a day – perhaps while watching TV, running, or being absorbed in a book. It can happen when you are driving and the miles go past without you realising it. Although you have been in trance, you know that you would have been able to react appropriately if something urgently needed your attention, and the same applies with hypnotherapy.
Can everyone be hypnotised?
Generally yes, except for those people with very low intelligence that lack the capacity to engage the imagination sufficiently to achieve trance. Some people with epilepsy can experience fits which disrupt the trance but they can regain it quite quickly. Everyone has the capacity to be hypnotised but it is a process in which the client has to collaborate.
How does Hypnosis help?
The deep relaxation achieved during trance allows the conscious and the sub-conscious mind to work together to solve problems. The sub-conscious mind is more receptive to suggestions during trance. These suggestions can be made to produce beneficial changes in behaviour and to tap into the true potential. The therapist is the facilitator, suggesting positive thoughts to the mind to quieten down negative thoughts or to remove mental blocks.
So am I under your control?
No, the client is always in charge. If suggestions are made that are not beneficial, then you still have the choice of ignoring them. If you were to feel uncomfortable or threatened, then you would become consciously aware and you would wake up. You cannot be made to do or say anything you do not want to do and you are completely in control at all times. There are no dangers, the client is always safe and relaxed and you won’t get stuck in trance.
What is Solution Focused therapy?
Solution Focused means that, as therapists, we don’t look back at the past to pick over painful memories or to try and reason why a person may be having difficulties. Instead, we concentrate on the positive aspects of the person’s life and personality in order to move forward, to find solutions that suit them and to facilitate long-lasting changes. It is a collaborative process and the client must want change to happen.
What happens in therapy sessions?
During the first session, Jane will explain how the brain works, how problems can develop and what can be done to help. A relaxation CD will be provided and the client is advised to listen to this before sleep. Subsequent sessions will start with the client describing positive aspects of their week and discuss the progress they have made. The client will also be encouraged to imagine how they would like life to be and what small changes would improve things for them. They are then guided into relaxation and trance.