The way to good mental health.

Good mental health isn’t just being free from depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological issues but also feeling positive about life and the future. It means feeling contended; having the ability to laugh; a sense of purpose and achievement; a good work-life balance; feeling confident and having fulfilling relationships.

So how do we achieve this?

The first step to emotional health is physical health and exercise is great for producing those mood- enhancers in the brain.

Get enough good-quality sleep to restore and revive for the next day.

Eat well – cut down on sugary, fatty processed foods and increase natural foods like fresh fruit and

Reduce stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine which give you a false, short-term mood lift.

Get outside more and absorb what sunshine there is out there this time of year, enjoy nature.

Manage stress levels – yoga, mindfulness, participate in whatever calms and relaxes you

Treat your senses – listen to music, visit an art gallery, read a good book, be creative

Make leisure time a priority and have fun – don’t feel guilty about indulging yourself

Connect with real people – see friends more, make new friends, volunteer, join

Finally, it is important to acknowledge the positive – be grateful, be appreciative of what you have and pay attention to what is good.