Giving up smoking

Generally speaking, if we cannot do something with that part of the mind we know as the intellectual mind, then it must be the subconscious mind taking control – and it can take a very strong hold. Hypnotherapy can help the intellectual mind take back control and change behaviour.

Looking after yourself

Most of us have a lot to take care of in our busy lives – children, partner, job, elderly relatives, pets, a home, neighbours – such that we often forget to take proper care of ourselves. All this caring for others can take its toll on our energy levels and reduce our resilience. In fact, we need to prioritise taking care of ourselves because if we fall ill, become stressed, anxious or depressed, it becomes more difficult to fulfil those obligations to others.

Perhaps we consider looking after ourselves to be indulgent, selfish even, but in actual fact it really is a necessity. Like the safety talk we get on aeroplanes – if the pressure in the cabin falls, we are advised to place the oxygen mask on ourselves first before helping others with theirs.

We need to take care of ourselves because, when we are well, when we are feeling relaxed and calm, we can function so much better. When we feel good, then we have the resources we need to care for others and by meeting our own needs, we can be more available for others when we wish to be.

So don’t feel guilty about taking a long relaxing bath; or having coffee and a natter with friends; attending a yoga class; or going for a swim – it may be just what you need to recharge your batteries so you can go back to that that busy life feeling refreshed and better able to cope.

Take care!