Vaping: Pros and Cons

by | Mar 21, 2024

Today I want to talk about the pros and cons of vaping. As well as offering you a solution to quit if you’re looking to give up this habit.

Vaping and E-cigarettes

England now has around 4.5 million e-cigarette users and, in the UK, the proportion of children (11 – 17) vaping increased by 50% over the last year (according to

E-cigarettes are relatively new, so there is little data available on the long-term risks. The precise dangers may not be known for decades, but e-cigarettes are considered to be safer than regular cigarettes.

There is no doubt that vaping can be a good way of quitting smoking. Switching to vaping gives people a roughly 60% chance of quitting over a four-week period.

How safe are e-cigarettes?

Here are some facts:

  • The e-liquid contains nicotine which is addictive, and can be a risk factor for cardiac failure.
  • The solvents when inhaled can cause coughing, sore throat, and decreased lung function.
  • Some flavourings cause inflammatory response in cells, the buttery and cinnamon flavours being potentially the most damaging.
  • Sweeteners, when heated become compounds that may cause heart and lung diseases.
  • Some vapes also produce heavy metals such as nickel, which has an association with increased risk of lung cancer.

While vaping is no doubt better for the individual than smoking, it is also worse than not vaping, and quitting e-cigarettes poses the same problems as quitting smoking.

Quitting Smoking or Vaping

Whatever the method used for quitting, what is most important is that the person themselves wants to give up.

But you don’t have to quit on your own!

Public Health England released a statement urging smokers not to try and quit cold turkey because relying on willpower alone isn’t as effective as using a range of aids.

The National Council for Hypnotherapy states that hypnotherapy for smoking is common and has high levels of success.

“The reason why hypnotherapy works so rapidly with bad habits and behaviours is because it works directly with your subconscious, bypassing the critical mind and getting to the root of the issue so that changes can be made that support your goals quickly and efficiently.”

According to the largest ever scientific comparison of breaking the smoking habit, hypnosis was found to be the most effective (Viswesvaran, C., & Schmidt, F. L. (1992). Journal of Applied Psychology).

Christopher Pattinson, academic chairman of the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis puts the success rate at up to 60% from a single session.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as a method of giving up vaping (or smoking)

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, which is what I offer, works to help you quit vaping or smoking. Together we help you imagine life without cigarettes or an e-cigarette. I have supported many people through this transition.

My clients already know vaping or smoking is bad for them in so many ways and they want to quit – their conscious mind tells you this.

I explain to them; “Whilst you want to quit, your subconscious mind keeps you smoking because it knows it is important to you and has prioritised the behaviour. By bringing the conscious and sub-conscious mind together during hypnotherapy, the conscious mind can win the battle and you will leave therapy a non-smoker.”

If you’re interested in becoming an ex-smoker or ex-vaper get in touch for an initial chat.